Oakley with the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival hand in hand

With the summer heat wave, the Sixteenth Shanghai International Film Festival has once again come to the party. The world's leading sports brand Oakley for the first time with the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival, to cooperate, to become its official products VIP partners.
With the vanguard of fashion and the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology, Oakley brand glasses, shoes and backpacks and other products have been filling in the Hollywood blockbuster style. In particular it has all kinds of 
In recent years, more and more Chinese film world's attention, held in June each year the Shanghai International Film Festival has become a global film event, its wide appeal and international influence of the industry, the world's diverse presentation and film culture the development of the film industry has also been the effect produced outside the industry acclaim. Through two decades of accumulation, the Shanghai International Film Festival at the international film arena's influence has been nothing wrong with that in the bilateral cooperation, Oakley aims to promote Chinese film culture express industry enthusiasm and confidence!
As a global brand, Oakley sunglasses popularity in Hollywood can be said to be impeccable, each of its new products to market will attract many eyeballs. Oakley glasses can provide the ultimate protection for the eyes, so many professional athletes become mandatory sports equipment. At the same time, because of its stylish cool design, but also very welcomed by the mainstream media, and in many TV shows, film production and advertising are often able to see the figure of Oakley sunglasses. For example, the "Mission Impossible 4" by Tom Cruise starring Ethan Hawk to wear Oakley photographed; "Matrix" Keanu Reeves The actor who plays Neo, wearing Oakley Nanowire 1.0 prototype. Another example, in the movie "Blade Warrior" by Wesley Snipes are also playing a hero wearing Oakley defeat the evil vampire. Oakley glasses in popular culture of high exposure fully illustrated Oakley has become recognized worldwide as both functional and stylish top brands.
Innovation is the driving force for development and Oakley source of inspiration, the "beyond reason" is one of the core principles firmly believe there is no best, only better. Oakley eyewear technology and the exceptional personality trend of integration, all sunglass lenses are made of HDO high-definition optical technology, the use made of Plutonite material. Not only impact, while 100% filtering various wavelengths to 400 nm UV and harmful blue light, in the process, to daily wear adequate eye protection.
In the Shanghai International Film Festival, Oakley specially selected Crosslink series of frames and sunglasses as a gift Garage Rock Series VIP guests glasses. Crosslink's nose and ears fixed at the use of Unobtainium (water resistance rubber) non-slip material, can help the wearer achieve unparalleled wear stability; each deputy Crosslink frames are mirror leg match two colors, you can flexibly demolished to deal with a variety of occasions. Ladies and gentlemen, for the film festival, no doubt, will become the daily work Crosslink, business occasions and sports and leisure fully take into account a good friend. The Garage Rock Oakley this summer launched a new retro style sunglasses. United States of America by the 1960s inspired a wave of garage rock, Oakley will be retro, original design elements into Garage Rock. Philosophy of art and technology is wrapped throughout the series design, as contemporary film culture, the artistic expression with the perfect combination of advanced film technology, constantly works better presented to the public.
I believe this Oakley with the 16th Shanghai Film Festival co-operated in the tradition of Volkswagen diverse film culture, while also hoping to opportunity to work with the Shanghai International Film Festival and work together under the Chinese market and write a brilliant chapter, shocking "movie vision"!